Shot in Delaware. Made in Delaware.

Imagine moving to a new location; a nice house, small town, quiet evenings.
Then... people begin to disappear.

'The Stone House' is a story about Rick Berlinger and his wife Joslin moving from their busy urban life to a small and quiet town in pursuit of happiness. Soon after their arrival, people begin to disappear. While many might suspect them, some believe in a local legend that the local mental hospital that burned down mysteriously in the late seventies left the unaccounted patients behind to haunt the woods around it. Ultimately, it's left up to Rick to discover what's really going on in their new town and what really hides behind the story of the abandoned asylum that is The Stone House.

Feature Film:
The story concept was conceived by John Wattenbarger and Donnie Mayles in 2005 and later established into a feature screenplay by John Wattenbarger and Bill Morse by the closing year. The Stone House is an independent, feature-length film that was shot in Delaware during the start of 2006. These areas include Milton, Milford, Georgetown and Laurel. The film's executive team held casting interviews in Greenwood and Lewes Delaware in Dec 2005/Jan 2006 with an overwhelming response of more than 500 applications, all reviewed from VA, PA, MD and DE.

Principle Photography started March 25th 2006 and ended on July 9th 2006.


Ken Denbow as Walter Braden.